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Helping you to managethe unmanageable

Anger Management

 Due to state restrictions regarding gatherings, classes will be held at my office, masks must be worn, and no more than 8 participants may attend. Dates of classes may not reflect the dates below. Please call to confirm.

Anger to Authenticity anger management workshops are held at

Cowork Box - 1000 124th Ave NE, #100, Bellevue, WA 98005 &
My office      - 13633 NE 42nd St., Bellevue, 98005 ().

 2020 Schedule

October 17th & 24th      (My office)    


This class is for both men and women and is court approved 


- $200 for the 8hr workshop

- $400 for the 16 hour workshop

Each 8 hour workshop is designed to stand alone. The second 8 hours of the 16 hour workshop, however, allows participants to understand the material at a deeper level with opportunities to talk about it and apply it to there own lives.

To register and pay, please send me an email ([email protected]) stating whether you want the 8 or 16 hour workshop, then go the the "Financial Information" page and pay using the PayPal portal near the bottom. If you prefer to pay in some other way and/or for further questions about the class, I can be reached at (425) 246-8572 or at the above mentioned email.



Men, want something sooner? Or you want something to attend on a more regular basis? Check out The Good Guy Club tab. The Good Guy Club is an ongoing weekly 1.5 hour conflict management meeting in Bellevue that meets on Mondays and Tuesdays. To attend The Good Guy Club, you must first schedule a 1:1. To do this just click on the "Appointment Request" tab and you can schedule from there.

Attending weekly meetings will also meet court requirements for an anger management class.


Would it surprise you to hear that anger is not an emotion?

The reason most approaches to anger management are ineffective is because they teach that anger is an emotion.

If, for example, anger is an emotion, how am I to control it?

How does one manage love?

How does one manage sadness?

How does one manage happiness?

I have three college degrees, I have been working as a therapist for 20 + years, and I have lived life to my current age and I have no idea how to manage an emotion. I can modify both my thinking and behavior but if someone told me I needed to manage, let's say, my sadness. I would have no idea how to do that. I mean, I just feel sad, right?

Here is something else to think about, try being angry and not blaming, not even yourself! Impossible!

So what approach does work?

Here is the key, 'become a student of your anger.'

But what can our anger possibly teach us about ourselves?   

Whether in individual sessions, at one of my monthly Anger to Authenticity workshops, or over coffee,  I can teach you how to use your anger (verses allowing it to use you) so as to:  

  • Increase personal insight,
  • Set AND maintain effective boundaries,
  • Establish supportive relationships,
  • Communicate self-respect, safety, and accountability.


Call or email me to start the process of learning to use your anger instead of continuing to allow it to use you.



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